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On the afternoon of December 22, 2019, Yunnan Hanwen Education Group and Australia International Cooperation Alliance for Vocational Education held a signing ceremony. Both parties agreed unanimously and signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement, laying a good foundation for further cooperation between Yunnan Hanwen Education Group and Australian universities. Ms.Yang Hongwei, the Chairwomens of Yunnan Hanwen Education Group, Yunnan University of Business Management College, Yunnan Medical and Health Vocational College, and Yunnan Polytechnic Vocational College, Deputy Director GeneralYang Ling, Deputy Director General of foreign exchange and cooperation Du Anrui attended the signing ceremony.

From December 18 to 22, 2019, Mr. Martin Riordan and his delegation of International Cooperation Union Alliance for Vocational Education made a friendly visit to Yunnan Hanwen Education Investment Group and its three subordinate schools. Mr. Martin Riordan and his delegation visited the campuses of Yunnan University of Business Management, Yunnan Medical and Health Vocational College, Yunnan Polytechnic Vocational College.He gave high praise on the completed teaching facilities of colleges and the beautiful campus environment.

Chairwoman Yang Hongwei first extended a warm welcome to Martin rilden and his party to visit the group again. She said that after several days of talks, the two sides had in-depth exchanges on cooperative projects and specialties, and reached cooperation intention. The signing of the strategic cooperation framework agreement is a significant step in the process of internationalization development of the group and its subordinate college. In the future, through the introduction of Australian high-quality courses and the creation of Sino- foreign cooperative education projects, the goal of establishing Sino -foreign cooperative education will be gradually realized. Through the establishment of long-term and effective cooperation, the international exchange and cooperation of higher education between China and Australia will be deepened, and Australia's high-quality education resources will be introduced, so as to cultivate high-quality applied and skilled international talents for the regional economic development of Yunnan Province and so as to achieve Win-win results.

Mr. Martin rilden expressed his sincere thanks to Chairwoman Yang Hongwei for his warm hospitality, highly affirmed the efficient work efficiency of the group, and felt confident in the friendly cooperation between the two sides in the future. Mr. Martin Riordan expects to open up cooperation channels with Australian universities through bilateral cooperation in the future. I hope to carry out various forms of exchanges and cooperation with Yunnan Hanwen Education Group, give full play to the advantages of both sides and share the resource platform.

Australia International Cooperation Alliance for Vocational Education(LLI) is an institution registered and established in Australia in 2017. Its purpose and goal are to build an international cooperation platform for Vocational Education in Australia. The initiative institutions include the public TAFE (main body), private vocational education college and dual education universities (master's degree + vocational education). The consulting units include the Australian Vocational Education Assessment Bureau, Australian Higher Education Assessment Bureau, Australian Vocational Assessment Bureau and other official units.